SANDIA COLLABORATIVE MEETING (ZOOM) Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 8-10AM

Please join the Sandia Collaborative members for our December 2020 virtual meeting via Zoom. The meeting agenda is available at this link. Links to pertinent documents and web resources are also included below.

During this meeting, Collaborative teams working on focal areas of interest will report out on their first in a series of meetings to be held to identify and come to agreement on recommendations to the US Forest Service as they put together their plan for the La Madera Project.

The La Madera project area - the Sandia Mountains Project Area for Multiple Resource Consideration – is all of the Sandia Ranger District north of I-40. The Sandia Ranger District is looking for public input on actions to take on this landscape. The Sandia Collaborative, is working on an independent but parallel effort to identify ways to improve the management of the forest, the wildlife, vegetation and cultural and recreational resources of the Sandia Mountains and how to reduce wildfire risk in the area. The Sandia Collaborative will work with all participating groups to identify our common objectives and desired actions and come to agreement on recommendations to make to the Sandia Ranger District.


Sandia Mountains Project Area for Multiple Resource Consideration

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The Sandia Collaborative aims to promote, preserve, protect, enhance and restore the landscape and watersheds of the Sandia Mountains for traditional and contemporary multiple use for current and future generations

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