SANDIA COLLABORATIVE MEETING (ZOOM) Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 8-10AM, Meeting ID: 548 574 3013

The next meeting of the Sandia Collaborative will take place Tuesday, November 17, from 8 - 10 am on Zoom. It will include a presentation of the laws and policies that guide the management of the natural, cultural and recreational resources in the La Madera project area. The meeting agenda is available at this link. Links to pertinent documents and web resources are also included below. 

The Sandia National Forest is a local treasure of natural resources and beauty. It contains multiple cultural and historic settings, and hosts numerous recreation sites used by many groups in the Albuquerque region.  But, the Sandia Mountains are threatened by overuse, wildfire, watershed degradation and under-resourced federal management agencies. Therefore, an effort to define the needs and future of the Sandias is being launched and referred to as the La Madera project.  

The La Madera project area - the Sandia Mountains Project Area for Multiple Resource Consideration – is all of the Sandia Ranger District north of I-40. The Sandia Ranger District is looking for public input on actions to take on this landscape. Our group, the Sandia Collaborative, is working on an independent but parallel effort to identify ways to improve the way the forest is used, how wildlife, vegetation and cultural resources can be protected, and how to reduce wild fire risk in the area.  The Sandia Collaborative will work with all participating groups to identify our common objectives and desired actions and come to agreement on recommendations to make to the Sandia Ranger District. We will present our comments to the Forest Service as they put together their plan for the La Madera Project.

At our November 17 meeting,  Sandia District Ranger, Crystal Powell will walk us through the framework of laws and  policies that guide the management of the natural, cultural and recreational resources in the La Madera Project area. These include Federal Regulations and USDA/USFS policies and guidelines, the draft Forest Plan and how it guides resource and site specific management and Sandia Ranger District priorities. An agenda for this meeting is available on our website where you can also find meeting summaries. (  

To learn more about the design of the La Madera Project please attend one of our (on-line) meetings.  By working together, we can help the US Forest Service develop projects for the Sandia Mountains that meet all of our needs and protect this vital resource. 

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The Sandia Collaborative aims to promote, preserve, protect, enhance and restore the landscape and watersheds of the Sandia Mountains for traditional and contemporary multiple use for current and future generations