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The beautiful Sandia Mountains and surro

Sandia Collaborative

The Sandia Collaborative aims to promote, preserve, protect, enhance and restore the landscape and watersheds of the Sandia Mountains for traditional and contemporary multiple use for current and future generations. 

Get Involved

If you are interested in the Sandias, we offer many ways to become involved.

Join the Sandia Collaborative

If your organization values the Sandias and is interested in collaboration around land management and stewardship, join us. Our Charter outlines membership requirements and responsibilities.

Attend A Meeting

Our meetings are open to any individual or organization with an interest in the Sandias. Meetings are the third Tuesday of every month. Please check the schedule for times and locations.

Sign Up for Updates

We share our meeting agenda, minutes, and actions via an email distribution list. To stay informed of the activities of the Sandia Collaborative, please subscribe.

About Us

The Sandia Collaborative is working to:

1. Establish mutual priorities that will leverage resources and funding of all partners and stakeholders for the betterment of the Sandia Ranger District. 

2. Identify collaborative projects to protect the flora, fauna, historic and cultural properties and artifacts, and watersheds.

3. Develop recommendations to manage fire risk, natural resources, and year round recreational and educational activities.

Sign Up for Email Updates

Thanks for your interest in the Sandia Collaborative.

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