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Full moon rises over the Sandia mountain

Members in Action

La Madera Project Teams Reports

The La Madera Project is defined as all of the Sandia Ranger District (SRD) north of I-40. The SRD looked to the Collaborative for public input on actions to take on this landscape that are important to us. This was a pre-scoping effort, to be beneficial in USFS La Madera Project formal scoping.  Each of six teams addressed issues in  a specific locale withing the SRD and met for over a year to provide needed feedback to SRD. Visit the Documents tab to view the final presentation.


Sandia Nordic Ski Club

The Sandia Mountains are a popular place to cross-country ski in the winter and there are approximately 4.5 miles of trails located between the Ellis and 10K parking areas. However, the trails need consistent grooming and maintenance to improve the quality of the groomed cross-country skiing experience and to be designed to minimize their year-round impact on the environment. Therefore, the Sandia Nordic Ski Club submitted an application to the US Forest Service to make physical improvements to the existing trails and additional segments to the trail system.  Trail improvements are expected to begin in the summer of 2021.  Additional information may be found at 

El Campo Del Oso.jpg

San Antonio de Las Huertas Land Grant

The San Antonio de Las Huertas Land Grant, a member of the Sandia Collaborative, worked with the University of New Mexico Architecture School to develop and build a campground and picnic area just outside the village of Placitas just east of Bernalillo.  This site was developed to enhance the recreational opportunities in the local area and as an opportunity to share the history of the Land Grant.  UNM students and land grant community members built a covered picnic area with multiple tables.  Local mid school students worked with community members to build a kitchen area with work tables and a grill and smoker along with additional picnic tables.  The Sandia Collaborative representative worked with community members to create multiple tent sites and an available full Civil War type tent, and a tent platform.  The facilities allow users to experience spectacular views and the natural tranquility of the Sandia Mountains.  The campsites and picnic area has served groups from one to 40 users.  Campsites and picnicking is offered thru the HipCamp website.

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Sandia Soil and Water Conservation District


Sandia Collaborative member agency Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District, with grant funding from Bernalillo County, the City of Albuquerque and USEPA via the NM Environment Department (NMED), are working with Global Hydrologic Solutions, LLC to develop a nine-element watershed-based plan (WBP) for the Upper Tijeras Watershed. Tijeras Creek nutrient levels exceed state water quality criteria, and NMED has prepared a Total Maximum Daily Load document to document possible nutrient sources and the need for reductions in nutrient discharges. The WBP will further explore potential sources of nutrients within the watershed and will detail best management practices (including implementation schedules, estimated costs and possible funding sources) that can help reduce nutrient discharges to Tijeras Creek. Additional information can be found at

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