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La Madera Project



New Mexico, Albuquerque scenic mountain

The Sandia Ranger District is accepting solicited input from the Sandia Collaborative toward future development of plans for the proposed La Madera Project to restore District properties north of I-40 and there are six site-specific Teams working to provide consensus-based input to the La Madera Project planning effort.


But the Sandia District is encouraged to remain cognizant that none of the individual site-specific Teams can work in a vacuum, and each set of consensus-based recommendations will necessarily influence and be influenced by the consensus-based recommendations from each of the other site-specific teams.

Therefore, the Sandia Collaborative Landscape-Wide Team is striving to provide some of this needed integration of the consensus-based input for the Sandia District La Madera Project planning effort. The following three areas of specific concern are mutually interactive and dynamically inter-dependent:


Lack of a comprehensive recreation plan

Management of high fuel loads and reduction of catastrophic fire risk


Improvement of compromised forest and watershed health

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