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La Madera Project


Las Huertas Canyon

The Las Huertas Canyon Watershed and adjacent Sandia Forest Wilderness Land offers a nearby region of natural beauty and recreational opportunities and it is growing in popularity and traffic from people who want to experience it.


But the region, with its wildlife, flora, seasonal creek, and historic sites, is at risk of overdevelopment and wildfire because of this increase in both vehicular and foot traffic – all of which would ruin it for everyone.


Therefore, the Sandia Collaborative has established a team to develop recommendations for the Forest Service to guide and control development, address wildfire risks, and protect the environmental benefits this region offers.  


The team meets the first Friday of each month via Zoom at 1pm.  If you would like to join us in working to maintain the quality of the Las Huertas watershed, please use this link to contact us.

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